Monday December 18, 2017 2:06:24 PM St. Paul, MN

CrossCurrents Foundation

The State of Things is sponsored in part by the CrossCurrents Foundation. The
CrossCurrents Foundation was established in late 2006 to promote social, environmental
and economic justice. The work of the Foundation is rooted in the idea that there are times
when ordinary people can make significant change if advocates for change have sufficient resources to engage in civic activities.  CrossCurrents focuses where it believes private
funding can make a strategic difference to community organizing and public education campaigns.

The Foundation’s first project in the arts – called Brushfire — will appear publicly in
September 2008. It will include a national art exhibit in Washington, DC with 40
artists addressing a range of topics related to the globalization of the economy and the environment, environmental justice, civil liberties, the crisis in health care, voter
suppression and similar issues. Around the country, non-profit organizations will sponsor simultaneous exhibits in museums and alternative spaces. The national and local exhibits
will be linked via the web.