Monday December 18, 2017 2:11:56 PM St. Paul, MN

Conventions on Ice

This is what Lynn Sures wrote us in an email about seeing the videos -

“Watching time-lapse video of the melting in Denver,  how amazing.  First thing that chilled me was when the M fell, leaving DEOCRACY (I was thinking Deo as God and thoughts fell to Palin’s and Bush’s views) then as other letters fell and people interacted with it I went back to thinking about Democracy, then was again arrested as it finally read ORA which is “Now” in Italian and felt like a hopeful sign.  Weird having a conversation with an ice word.

All the videos are so compelling for those of us who weren’t there.  I knew about Amy Goodman being arrested but watching the video of the house arrest still made me want to scream.”


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