Monday December 18, 2017 2:12:18 PM St. Paul, MN

Close Encounters - Facing the Future

From September 13th to October 26, we’re in a show called Close Encounters:
Facing the Future
at the American University Museum in the Katzen Art Center in Washington, DC. Provisions Library, which commissioned us to do The State of Things in the convention cities, organized this exhibit.

Don Russell and Niels van Tomme are the curators; CrossCurrents Foundation
provided major funding. The exhibit includes artists like Leon Golub, Adrian Piper
and Nancy Spero; Daniel Hayman, Wayne Gonzalez, and Taryn Simon. What we appreciate
about Russell’s and van Tomme’s approach to this exhibit is that they involved artists from the ground up by commissioning several public works to address actual issues. Some of these works were at the conventions (like ours) and some in other places around the country. All focused on key policies and used different media: hand drawn banners, video, internet, performance and public intervention.

Since we only had a week to organize our work from Denver and St Paul, we worked like
crazy on our return to New York, editing the time lapse videos you see here and a set of photo prints spelling out the word “Democracy” from both locations. The arrangement filled an entire
wall and the word was “bookended” by two flat screens showing the time lapse videos.

Photo mural of The State of Things

Photo mural of The State of Things

St Paul monitor showing meltdown

Opening of Close Encounters at the Katzen Center


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