Monday December 18, 2017 2:12:39 PM St. Paul, MN

Riding the waves

Since St Paul, we’ve been in for quite a ride. The Obama and McCain campaigns are locked into a fight for the bitter end.

McCain is a politician waging a guerilla war against Obama. It’s almost as if - this is what he internalized from his years at the Hanoi Hilton. His choice of Palin to try to shift the field from the catharsis of the Democratic Convention. At a time, when American politics seemed to reach a new level of oratory, imagery, even pagentry - the Republicans played the cards of identity politics they know so well.

Everybody started to call McCain’s choice the equivalent of a Hail Mary pass, but sports are the wrong analogy here. It was a wierd mirror - like the killer robot in Terminator2 that morphs into different bodies and forms - Palin and the attempt to cancel the debate is more akin to asymetrical warfare and much less to football, could this be an admission of how dire the McCain leadership feels?


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