Monday December 18, 2017 2:14:33 PM St. Paul, MN

Disaster Politics - There is nothing to fear, but fear itself…

Riffing off Naomi Klein’s book Disaster Capitalism - the conclusion of the conventions highlights the fact that we’ve entered a new era - the age of Disaster Politics.

Dissent is quashed because protests and protesters may harbor terrorists; when in fact police have infiltrated these same protest groups and share intelligence between police departments across the country - isn’t this what COINTELPRO was in the early seventies?

But somehow it’s different -

Journalists are arrested because they don’t follow orders to disperse; focusing instead on their jobs to report what’s happening on the streets. And the list goes on.

But the biggest evidence of Disaster Politics was McCain’s decision to cancel the first day of the Republican Convention, to visit Louisiana on the eve of Gustav’s arrival.

Just when you thought hope could be alive, the Republicans roll out Culture War v. 2.

The seeds of our destruction -

John Bolton by Teresa Anderson, 2005 11″ x 14″

4th place, Minnesota State Fair
30 percent painted category, Amateur division

Seeds used: black beans, crown vetch, hulled barley, millet,
poppy seeds, red beans, timothy, wild rice

see more crop art at


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