Monday December 18, 2017 2:13:00 PM St. Paul, MN

The story so far…

So, St Paul.

The ice sculptors always say, “Oh, with the heat, the sun, the humidity, it’ll take 8-10 hours…” Well, they’re almost never right - NYC: 26 hours; Denver: 22 hours.

As we were setting up in St Paul, a guy came by and said, “Six and a half hours.” He should know, he’s an amateur ice carver. Maurie Pearson, the ice sculptor we worked with said, “Seven and a quarter.” Nora and I were flabbergasted.

“What? Oh no, man, at least 20…” We stood around, took bets for beer; as we went over the wagers, we recapitulated and changed our bet to 10 to 12 hours. Maurie and the other guy weren’t buying it - “No way.” We were secretly hoping for 10 - still being wasted from Denver which took over 24 hours long and had us sleeping on a roof overlooking the museum during the night.

The news from St Paul is not good - with mass police arrests, hassling of journalists, use of pepper spray, tear gas; the throngs of people surrounding the statue in St Paul were clearly starving for Democracy.

They yearned so much for a sense of freedom that hundreds caressed and embraced “Democracy.”

They broke the letters down, stripping the ice from the base to quench the rasping parchness in their throats the authorities caused.

“Democracy” in St Paul couldn’t withstand the harsh climate - the heat, the Ramsey County Police.

In the short span of 4 and one half hours in this drastic political climate: at 3:25 PM, it was gone.

Let’s hope that by November - it returns.

Untitled from LigoranoReese on Vimeo.

Lobbyists for McCain from LigoranoReese on Vimeo.

Interview with bystander at The State of Things from LigoranoReese on Vimeo.


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