Monday December 18, 2017 2:14:16 PM St. Paul, MN

The view from St Paul

Welcome to St Paul

Here, at the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi - we don’t suppose that the Republicans suspect their convention opening tomorrow on Labor Day, to be the psychic maelstrom behind the class 5 hurricane heading for New Orleans.

Could it be that the amalgam of delegates, politicians and lobbyists are creating a political black hole to finally sink us along with the crescent city, finishing the work started by President Bush and Brownie Brown? The Republican candidates whizzing off to the mouth of the Mississippi are the epitome of disaster politics.

But, Labor Day, any other year, in the Twin Cities is a festive time - it marks the closing of the magnificent State Fair - the beginning of the school year, the fruits of the summer bounty, but this year, it is a bitter harvest of massive police crackdowns, armed agents entering the homes of innocent citizens, housing guest journalists, seizing equipment, computers, cameras… arresting independent journalists including Amy Goodman and two reporters from Democracy Now.


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